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PigOut Business in a box

Earn an income and Work at something you love

The cutting edge, clean gas roaster adapts to • Roast 160 LB pig • Rotisserie cook 40 chickens • Smoke pork butt and beef • Hot counter with sneeze screen • Grill chicken and sausage

Join the finiacial freedom and independance
OVER 200 thrilled customers are benefiting from!

What this is

PigOut Business in a Box gives you a comprehensive package of catering equipment including the world renowned PigOut Roaster allowing to you cater off site for large events.

In addition you receive a complete easy to follow HOW TO GUIDE to set up you BBQ Catering Business. You’ll benefit from our knowledge of operating successful Pig Roast Catering Businesses for over 30yrs.

Good for you whole foods have never been in more demand, using local produce and cooking fresh on site is your recipe for success.

This opportunity is ideal for anybody with a passion for cooking who has a dream of owning their own business. This low cost business is free from the risks and costs associated with starting up in the restaurant business.

The How To Guide takes you through all the essential process to running your own business, it will show you how to attract clients to your business, WOW them and keep them coming back time and time again.

We develop and list your web site with Google and all major search engines and give you one years free listing on our own site to help you to attract customers.

What this is NOT!

This is not a franchise, business licence or partnership; this is entirely your business, you answer to nobody - except the government of course and you trade under your own name and keep all your revenues.

If we have wet your appetite and you can afford $410 per month for 2 years or under $10k then call or email me today for more information. You can be up and running within one month.

How to proceed

Ask your self some powerful questions:
  1. Am I happy doing what I am doing at the moment?
  2. Am I motivated to start something I enjoy and making it my career?
  3. What if it goes well and I really enjoy it can I expand?
  4. What if I don’t take the opportunity?
Once you have your mind set to do it, call us and ask us questions, we will help you, it is not a hard sell, it is us advising you and asking you questions like Is it right for you? Do you have the stamina for self employment?

everything that you need to know to set up and operate a successful bbq catering business
  • Commercial Pig Roaster and Outdoor Cooking Center
  • Rotisserie Baskets - Set of 4
  • BBQ Racks - Set of 4
  • Rib Racks - Set of 2
  • Steam Pan Set - Set of 4
  • Smoker Box
  • Carving Stand
  • Handled Meat Tray
  • Insulated Hot/Cold Pig Carry Bag
  • Vinyl Roaster Cover
  • Chafing Frames
How To Guide – Your Road Map to Success

Developing your sales and marketing plan Launching your Barbecue Catering Business Methods to attract new clients Business card and brochure templates Operational work sheets and checklists Sample scripts for client correspondence Seasonal promotions calendar Recipes and menu ideas Preventing Pitfalls Web site and SEO


1 year free finder listing on www.pigoutroasters.com


Source guide for your branded apparel and catering equipment: T shirts, hats, aprons, chef coats, cruiser tables, tent, fitted table cloths, napkins and much more.


Over 10+ Roaster Combinations

PigOut Roaster
Cook up to 170LB Pig. Commercial roaster. Fully portable.Save on labour. Save on fuel.

Rotisserie Baskets
Roast or smoke up to 40 whole whole chickens, pork butt, beef, potatoes, corn.

BBQ Racks
Grill chicken, sausage, corn. Use with 2 Steam Pans and 2 BBQ racks for grilling and hot holding.

Smoker Box
Fill with moist wood chips, cook on low to add smokey flavors to your meat and fish.

Chafer Pans
Use as a buffet station with 4 standard chaffing pans.

Carving Stand
Table top carving stand for buffet presentation.

Handled Meat Tray
Heavy duty serve and carve meat tray. Holds up to 100LB. Use inside the Pig Carry Bag or under the Carving Stand.

Pig Carry Bag
Insulated Hot and Cool Bag with Stainless Handled Meat Tray makes delivery and serving easy and hygienic.

Rib Racks
Slow roast 8 racks of ribs in each rack. Roaster holds up to 32 ribs.

Porchetta Rods
Holds boneless & stuffed meat secure during roasting.

Extra Four Prong Clamps
Securely cook multiple pieces of meat on the roasting pole.

PigOut Smokin' BBQ Sauce
Available in 16OZ and 2L bottles. Ultimate BBQ sauce for ribs, chicken, pork chops and much more!
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Your business in a box
  · 2 years ago.
The business in a box is exactly what I am looking for.  Franchising into an existing restaurant brand is too expensive for me, I want to be my own boss and not have to answer to a head office.  When I chatted to Dale it seemed the most logical way to start up on my own as the advise that they have will help me and save me lots of time instead of trying to re invent the wheel.
I have been looking at the spit roaster for months now and planning how i would get started, this business in a box is definitely my solution. Thanks Dale, speak soon, Adam
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In 2006 myself (Tom) and my son Joe Inboden branched out into event catering. With great ingredients and knowledgeable staff we decided to specialize in pig roasting and BBQ catering.  In 2009, we discovered the PigOut Roaster at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago and were impressed by its ability to produce a perfect pig roast in record time using very little fuel. We now own 4 Roasters to keep up with customer demand, roasting over 200 pigs a year and serving thousands of our Gold Champion Award Winning Sausages.  Customers can rent a roaster with a BBQ pig ready to roast or arrange full catering services suitable for a range of events from fundraisers, corporate barbecues and weddings.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
The guests are thrilled, which makes us very happy.
  · 2 years ago.
It's complete simplicity of operation made it stand out. Once it's going, you just have to wait until it's fully cooked. No fire to maintain, and it comes out perfect each time. The guests are thrilled, which makes us very happy.  The giddiness that people exude when they arrive at the party and see the pig spinning around.  Many remark: "Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you were having a pig roasted right in your back yard!
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
The roaster is very mobile, cleans easily, and cooks evenly.
  · 2 years ago.
We saw the PigOut Roaster at the Catersource show in Las Vegas and thought it was of nice quality. We had looked at other roasters and just weren`t satisfied with the price or quality of the other roasters.  So after comparing other roasters, we decided that the PigOut Roaster was the one needed to purchase. The roaster is very mobile, cleans easily, and cooks evenly. We also like the professional look for when we use the roaster for displaying roasted items.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
The PigOut Roaster worked perfectly!!
  · 2 years ago.
The PigOut Roaster worked perfectly!! Everyone enjoyed the event, and the food. We stuffed the Porchetta with pieces of a 5lb butt roast, stitched it, and tied it up.  I put it on at 11am and it was totally done by 3:15pm so I turned one burner off and kept one on low and just kept the meat at a good hot temp till we carved. I took all the foil off 30 minutes before carving and cranked the heat to full (450) for 20 minutes and it finished the crackle off perfectly.
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I use the roaster for everything, from cooking breakfast sausages and eggs, egg plant parmesan, clams, stuffed potatoes, rotisserie chicken and just recently roasted a whole deer. The roaster is absolutely 5 star in my opinion, it’s wonderful, catering eye candy, a one of kind and certainly the very best piece of catering equipment that I have ever owned. The food is always delicious, the ability to use a quality product and the ease of use and versatility are unmatched.
Was this review helpful to you?
I have used the PigOut Roaster all summer. I have cooked pigs, barbequed chickens, roast beef and ribs on it and in all honesty you cannot find an easier product to work with. My results have consistently been excellent and all my customers were extremely happy with the taste, texture and look and that is the greatest gratification for any chef. The PigOut Roaster is not just another piece of equipment….it is a sound investment that will help your business grow and your ROI will surprise any good accountant.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
The greatest invention of the barbecue industry I ever seen
  · 2 years ago.
The greatest invention of the barbecue industry I ever seen. It is very easy to set up and use. It is nice looking and easy to transport. The WOW factor is amazing!
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The PigOut Roaster was developed to help Caterers make money; attracting customers, taking away many of the hassles of event catering and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to WOW their friends.



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