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Pig Roaster Comparison

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Summery Of Benefits: Visual appeal, PigOut Wins hands down. Gleaming heavy-duty stainless steel and glass panels to watch the roast. Fuel efficent burners save money and carry a lifetime warranty. PigOut Roaster is the only model where the chef can carve from the roaster directly in front of your guests with no need to decant the pig to a table. The crackling skin is debatably the best part, crispy and delicous and the meat remains juicy and succulent. A PigOut roasted pig is by far the most visualy appealing. The pig is served whole and great looking when cooked and doesn’t resemble road kill like with other methods

Compare specifications with our main competitors

Comparison Big John Grills EZ Way Holstein 7240GSS PigOut CPOR Benefit of PigOut Roaster
Pig size 300 LB 250 LB 170 LB Prime quality BBQ pigs are 60-120LB in weight
Grade of metal 12 Guage black steel 14 Guage 16 Guage S.S Heaviest guage stainless
Fuel consumption* 5HR 2.5HR 7HR Least amount of fuel required
Cooking Time 20LB/HR 10LB/HR 20LB/HR Quick cooking time
Burners 1 Burner 1 Burner 2 Independent burners 2 burners = Never worry about break down
Rotisserie No Basket Only Yes + Basket Options Only machine where meat can rotate in its own juices
Smoke Box Yes Yes Yes
Glass Door Panel No Optional Yes Watch your roast cooking without losing heat
BTU 80,000 160,000 55,000 High efficiant burners don’t waste gas
Tires 12" Road Tires Castors/13" Tires 10" Pnumatic Tires More durable and portable. Can move while roasting
Dimensions 115"L x 42"W x 48"H 140"L x 60"W x 62"H 70"L x 28"W x 48"H Can fit 2 roasters in a standard box pick up truck
Weight 660 LB 960 LB 225 LB Easy to lift and maneuver
Tow Behind Only Optional Optional

* based on 20LB tank on high heat

***information taken from company websites may be subject to change***


The PigOut Roaster was developed to help Caterers make money; attracting customers, taking away many of the hassles of event catering and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to WOW their friends.



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