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Porchetta Perfection with The Border Group

Well...our Porchetta evening was a success! The PigOut Roaster worked perfectly!! Everyone enjoyed the event, and the food. We stuffed the Porchetta with pieces of a 5lb butt roast, stitched it, and tied it up. We trimmed about 2 inches of pork belly off each side as it was overlapping too much. We skinned the meat off the strips we took off and put them inside as well. We had a small rupture with the Porchetta approx one hour into the cooking but we wrapped it with foil and it was all fine. I think the reason being is we tied it so tight and not perfectly evenly spaced so the largest bulge ended up bursting. I will be purchasing the porchetta attachment before I attempt my next one. The crackle was amazing, asdnm everyone loved the meat.

I put it on at 11am and it was totally done by 3:15pm so I turned one burner off and kept one on low and just kept the meat at a good hot temp till we carved. I took all the foil off 30 minutes before carving and cranked the heat to full (450) for 20 minutes and it finished the crackle off perfectly.

David Borys

Vice President & Director of Sales
The Border Group of Companies Inc.
Phone: (204) 957-7200
Direct: (204) 594-3016
Fax: (204) 957-7200

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Highland River Adventures - PigOut's Recent Success Story

Scott Fraser with Highland River Adventure based in Michigan bought his first PigOut Roaster in 2014 and is moving his catering business to Georgia, I recently caught up with him and chatted about his expansion plans, this is what he had to say:

“I spend a lot of time cooking in the entertainment industry for artist, crew members and promoters in various locations without the resource of a kitchen. I use the roaster for everything, from cooking breakfast sausages and eggs, egg plant parmesan, clams, stuffed potatoes, rotisserie chicken and just recently roasted a whole deer. The roaster is absolutely 5 star in my opinion, it’s wonderful, catering eye candy, a one of kind and certainly the very best piece of catering equipment that I have ever owned. The food is always delicious, the ability to use a quality product and the ease of use and versatility are unmatched."

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Michel Lafond PigOut's NEW bilingual agent in Quebec

Michel Lafond, our new bilingual agent in the Province of Quebec was in international sales for the better part of his 30 year career. Michel understood very early on in his career that results are always based on a very simply mathematical equation….user + equipment = results. If your equipment renders your work less complicated, more time can be allocated elsewhere thus making your life easier and your end result more profitable.

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The PigOut Roaster was developed to help Caterers make money; attracting customers, taking away many of the hassles of event catering and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to WOW their friends.



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